Cause after all, we want you to be READY on Azure.

Seeing how it all started, during a Microsoft conference in Madrid 2013, staffing for Microsoft Learning, being MVPs,… it should be clear we don’t offer you the typical classroom training.

While as a Microsoft Learning Partner, our MCTs can offer you Microsoft Official Courseware content-based training, it doesn’t work well in the Azure learning spectrum. Every week we are learning new features ourselves, testing out updated components in the platform, or participating in private preview aspects on what different Azure Product Groups are working on. And unfortunately, but logically, the Microsoft MOC material just can’t catch up.

Next to that – although our true passion is in the readiness workshop space - , we force ourselves to find this right balance between being a trainer and having the experience from-the-field. As it is mainly from sharing those stories on how Microsoft Partners and Customers are using Azure, that you learn most.

Similar to our core values, we embrace the same for our readiness:

  • Knowledge Sharing – starting from building our own content, whether slides or recorded sessions, we know best what we create ourselves. And a core focus on “learning by doing”. Using up-to-date lab guides, reflecting typical customer scenarios, we get you truly up to speed on all-things-Azure.
  • Having Fun – again, we hate being in boring trainings ourselves, so we make sure we stand out from the crowd. Every training attendee becomes a member of our so-loved community. You are one of us! And like friends get together to have a good time now and then, we start our workshops with the same concept. Yes you are here to learn, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.
  • Inspire People – Another critical value of our community. Getting you inspired into the technology. Which also means you have to actively participate in the readiness workshop as well, as our interaction is high and our pace is fast. We leave a lot of time for open questions, group discussions, team exercises and alike. Because after all, we can all learn from each other.
  • Microsoft Certification – Depending on your needs, we will always work towards preparing you for Microsoft certification. Even if you are initially not attending the training for that purpose, we can only try and share our experiences. Both from ourselves and from our learners. On how being Microsoft certified truly can change your career. Starting from sharing tips and tricks, we can tweak our readiness workshop program into a less or more focused exam prep styled approach. Several of our training weeks have a 1-day dedicated exam prep scheduled, through which you participate in a test exam, individually or in teams again. That’s the flexibility we can offer with pleasure.