What initially started during TechEd Madrid 2013 as the TechEdYellowPantsTeam, has recently been revamped to APE – Azure Platform Experts. Still loyal to the legacy of the Yellow Pants though.

Most important, the core values and reason of existence of our community remain exactly the same:

  • Sharing Knowledge; where this time we focus on the Azure Platform, rather than the broad Microsoft portfolio, like we did before. [See the training section for our professional readiness offerings]
  • Having Fun; continuing on our path of organizing events, participating in conferences, … we are recognized and valued by several industry vendors and partners for bringing people together. [See the events section to get a glimpse of what we’re busy with]
  • Inspire People; in different ways… are you a techie, dreaming of being on stage one day and presenting? It’s what we do for fun 😊. We can coach you with tips & tricks, introduce you to ‘the network’,… just being your buddy basically. Want to spice up your presentation skills? We can make you the best presenter YOU can be. [See the speaking section for more info]
  • Microsoft Certification; Our founders have each +10 years experience as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and we (have to) take Microsoft exams all the time ourselves. Wondering what the best way is to get certified, where to find learning resources,… we are here to help.


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